The Smashing Pumpkins – Mashed Potatoes Box Set (1994)

The Smashing Pumpkins
Álbum: Mashed Potatoes Box Set
Año: 1994
Formato/Bitrate: MP3 – 320 kbps
Tamaño: 551.24 MB

Lista de Canciones:

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CD 1:
D1 T04 With You (demo 89)
D1 T05 Jesus Loves His Babies
D1 T06 Stray Cat Blues (live 90)
D1 T07 Snail (radio 91)
D1 T08 Bob Speaks
D1 T09 Window Paine (live 90)
D1 T10 Wave Song (demo 91)
D1 T11 Blue (acoustic 91)
D1 T12 Lie I Lie (live 89)
D1 T13 My Eternity (radio 88)
D1 T14 Jesus Is the Sun (demo
D1 T15 Sookie Sookie [Steppenw
D1 T01 Happy Fucking Valentine
D1 T02 Tristessa (live 92)
D1 T03 There It Goes (demo 88)

CD 2:
D2 T04 Honeyspider (live 90)
D2 T05 STP (demo 91)
D2 T06 Snap (demo 89)
D2 T07 Rhinoceros (live 93)
D2 T08 Let’s Meet the Band
D2 T09 Bleed (live 88)
D2 T10 Opal-Worship
D2 T11 Drown (live 92)
D2 T12 Fat Man Blues (live 89)
D2 T13 Try to Try (live 90)
D2 T14 Venus in Furs [Velvet U
D2 T15 WNUR interview (radio 8
D2 T01 Slunk (live 92)
D2 T02 Rocket (live 93)
D2 T03 Under Your Spell (demo

CD 3:
D3 T05 The Joker [Steve Miller
D3 T06 Suffer (live 92)
D3 T07 Coming Attractions
D3 T08 Egg (demo 89)
D3 T09 Bury Me (live 92)
D3 T10 Moleasskiss (demo 92)
D3 T11 I Am My End (live 90)
D3 T12 My Dahlia (demo 88)
D3 T13 Vanilla (demo 89)
D3 T14 East (demo 88)
D3 T15 Kill Your Parents
D3 T16 Terrapin [Syd Barrett] D3 T17 Cinder (live 91)
D3 T18 Luna (acoustic 91)
D3 T01 And from the West Side.
D3 T02 Girl Named Sandoz [Anim
D3 T03 365 (live 90)
D3 T04 Spaceboy (outtake 93)

CD 4:
D4 T05 Plume (live 92)
D4 T06 Disarm (live 93)
D4 T07 Siva (live 92)
D4 T08 Translucent (demo 90)
D4 T09 Not Worth Asking (live
D4 T10 Over You (live 90)
D4 T11 Where’s Vince (outtake
D4 T12 Smiley (acoustic 91)
D4 T13 Geek U.S.A. (live 93)
D4 T14 Crush (live 92)
D4 T15 C’mon (live 90)
D4 T01 Interview Nozems a Go-G
D4 T02 Morning Jam (live 90)
D4 T03 I’m Free [Who] (live 90
D4 T04 Jennifer Ever (demo 88)

CD 5:
D5 T05 Offer Up (live 92)
D5 T06 Silverfuck (live 92)
D5 T07 Rudolph the Red-Nosed R
D5 T08 Stars Fall In (demo 89)
D5 T09 Godzilla [Blue Öyster C
D5 T10 Bye June (live 92)
D5 T11 Spiteface (demo 88)
D5 T12 Daydream (demo 89)
D5 T13 I’ll Never Change (live
D5 T14 Infinite Sadness (outta
D5 T01 Hello Kitty Kat (demo 9
D5 T02 Nothing and Everything
D5 T03 Mayonaise (outtake 93)
D5 T04 Out of Focus [Blue Chee

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